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testo 420 + FREE 8mm Pitot Tube


For a limited time only, we are offering a FREE 8mm x 0.5mm easy fit, ellipsoidal nose pitot tube from Sensing Precision Limited, with every order of the testo 420 volume flow hood. Save £254.00 when you take advantage of this offer! Offer expires 01 January 2019. Offer can not be used in conjunction with other offers.

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The testo 420

The testo 420 volume flow hood for larger air inlets and outlets enables fast and precise compliance with hygiene guidelines and requirements concerning room air quality. It provides reliable support with the calculation of the overall volume flow on HVAC systems, for instance in hospitals, office buildings or commercial buildings.

The Easy Fit Pitot Tube

L-Type Pitot Tubes feature a modified ellipsoidal head with a single forward facing hole (sensing total pressure) and a ring of side holes (sensing static pressure) to determine the accurate measurement of fluid flow in a closed conduit system, adopting the traverse method

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