At AirCal Limited, we know that air measurement equipment is only as good as it’s calibration.

And we know that in order to deliver the maximum amount of reliability and accuracy, you have to give your instrumentation the best calibration possible. That is why at AirCal Limited, we offer an industry-leading calibration service for a wide range of instrumentation and HVAC equipment, including but not limited to; Leakage Testers, Pressure Transmitters, Manometers, Capture Hoods and Pitot Tubes.

Our chief aim is to provide you with the service and expertise you expect from a global calibration house, and not limiting ourselves to calibration, we can also provide technical support and limited HVAC equipment hire, as well as offering a suite of instrumentation for sale at competitive prices.

With the awareness in mind that air measurement equipment can be an expensive investment, we also offer a refurbishment / repair service. When requested, and where possible, we will aim to repair and refurbish your equipment alongside your instruments’ calibration to help you get the maximum amount of return for your investment.

With our highly trained business development personnel and industry leading expertise, we are confident that we will be able to offer you the right solution for your business needs.