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Welcome to AirCal service & calibration

At AirCal Limited, we know that air measurement equipment is only as good as it’s calibration. And we know that in order to deliver the maximum amount of reliability and accuracy, you have to give your instrumentation the best calibration possible. That is why at AirCal Limited, we offer an industry-leading calibration service for a wide range of instrumentation and HVAC equipment…

The compact air meter range

Starting from £325

The new Compact Air Meter (CAM) Range from Sensing Precision Ltd delivers four impressively feature packed handheld air measurement instruments. Two differential pressure instruments, the DP02 (0-±500Pa) and the DP10 (0-±2500Pa), and two ambient conditions instruments, the BP32 (Barometer, Temperature and Humidity) and the TH60 (Temperature & Humidity)…

CAM-BP32 Product