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2.3mm Diameter Pitot Tubes


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L-Type Pitot Tubes feature a modified ellipsoidal head with a single forward facing hole (sensing total pressure) and a ring of side holes (sensing static pressure) to determine the accurate measurement of fluid flow in a closed conduit system, adopting the traverse method. It is only necessary to drill a small access hole for insertion of the probe in the duct (or stack), at the point where the flow measurement is required. The Pitot produces a Velocity Pressure signal, from which Velocity can be calculated.

Magnification Factor (M) 0.997 ±0.001 (approximated to 1 in most cases)
Sizes Available Lengths from 200mm to 300mm
Temperature Range Up to 550°C
Materials Stainless Steel Construction (Silver Brazed Joints)
Temperature Range 80°C
Special Functions Static Pressure Tapping doubles as a Direction Pointer
Available with a 90° Bent Head or Fully Straight
Sliding Markers Clips (up to 276°C), Glands & Stud Couplings.
Extras Available Integral Thermocouple to allow for simultaneous monitoring of duct air temperature and velocity with minimal disturbance.

Velocity Measurement
Static Pressure Measurement
Volume Flow Measurement