Research has proven that the Zero Pressure Compensation method is the single most accurate way of measuring the airflow of supply and exhaust apertures of various shapes and sizes. The DIFF uses a built in fan & pressure compensation to deliver accurate results, every time.

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The DIFF, a Zero-Pressure Compensation device, is used for the automatic measurement of air volume from supply and extract apertures. This instrument relies on the principal of zero pressure compensation, and therefore using the built in fan and pressure compensation, the DIFF delivers the performance and accuracy expected from commissioning engineers.

The DIFF has been Designed to be self-adjusting for supply and extract systems. The instrument can automatically detect the direction of flow once the DIFFs’ square 250mm aperture has been secured in place over the grille. The unit also features an adjustable display arm which not only allows flexible operation, but it also enables the system to be read from almost any angle.

Standard Accessories

AT-242 250mm X 250mm solid hood designed specifically for domestic ventilation systems
Carry case
Batteries and charger
Calibration certificate
PC software (DIFFiner) and 2GB SD card for the fast storage of data

Optional Accessories

Fabric hoods 400 x 400mm, 600 x 600mm, 310 x 1234mm and 310 x 1534mm

Measuring Range 10 to 400m3/hr, -15 to +70°C and 0 to +95% non condensing relative humidity
Measuring aperture size 250mm x 250mm
Accuracy ±3% of reading ± 1m³/h

HVAC Testing
Adjusting and Balancing
Air Volume Flow Measurements Through Diffusers & Grills
Direct Reading of Supply & Return Airflow
Air Conditioning Systems with Low Thermal Resistance
Heat Exchange Units