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testo 417


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Product Description

The testo 417 vane anemometer allows you to measure air flow speed, volumetric flow rate and temperature simultaneously. The integrated vane makes it ideal for carrying out measurements at air inlets and outlets. The optionally available testovent 417 funnel set allows you to carry out measurements at ventilation grilles and disk valves. There is also an air flow rate rectifier for carrying out quick and reliable measurements at diffusers.

The easy-to-read display shows all important data including air flow direction – ie. whether the air is being sucked in or blown out – air flow speed and the volumetric flow rate as well as the actual temperature.

The mean time value and average value provide you with information regarding the average volumetric flow rate, air flow speed and the temperature measurement. In order to carry out the volumetric flow rate simply enter the area of the duct or use the optionally available funnel set.

In addition, there is also a hold function which allows you to compare the measurement you have just take with previous measurements. Min and max values are also available at the touch of a key. And thanks to the testo 417 vane anemometer backlit display you can read the measurements in the dark or in poor lighting.


  • Compact anemometer with integrated 100 mm vane
  • For measuring air flow, volumetric flow rate and temperature
  • Ideal for carrying out measurements at air inlets and outlets
  • For carrying out measurements at disk valves, ventilation grilles and ceiling diffusers using optionally available accessories

Optional Accessories

  • testovent 417 funnel set ( 2 attachable funnels; 200 x 200mm and 300 x 300mm )
  • testovent 417 flow straightener
Temperature – NTC
Measuring Range 0 to +50°C
Accuracy ±0.5 °C
Resolution 0.1°C
Velocity – Vane
Measuring Range +0.3 to 20 m/s
Accuracy ±(0.1 m/s + 1.5 % of mv)
Resolution 0.01 m/s
Volume flow
Measuring Range 0 to +99999 m³/h
0 to +440 m³/h (testo 417 in combination with funnel set (0563 4170))
0.1 to + 200 m³/h , preferred 0,1 to 100 m³/h (testo 417 in combination with funnel & flow straightener (0554 4172))
Resolution 0.1 m³/h (0 to +100)
1 m³/h (Remaining Range)
General technical data
Weight 234 g
Dimensions 236 x 108 x 45 mm
Operating temperature -20 to +50 °C
Product-/housing material ABS + PC /TPE
Protection class IP40
Battery type 3x AA
Battery life 50 h
Storage temperature -20 to +50 °C

Measurement of volumetric flow, flow velocity and temperature

Every duct inlet and outlet should only contain the volumetric flow that according to calculations is a basic prerequisite to an efficient functional system.

Particularly large vane anemometers are suitable for measuring the volumetric flows at duct outlets, as these integrate the flow velocity over a larger area thereby determining disturbance from the air grille (loop method).

A volumetric flow rate funnel and a large vane are ideal when taking readings at the suction or blowing vents of air grilles and poppet valves. The entire volumetric flow is recorded with the aid of the funnel without the need for conversion on the basis of the flow velocity and area. This method of flow measurement is simple and reliable.

The compact anemometer testo 417 with integrated flow/temperature vane (Ø 100 mm) is ideal for measuring the flow velocity, volumetric flow and temperature at duct outlets. The optional funnel set allows measurements at ventilation grilles and poppet valves.