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ALF150 Duct Leakage Tester


The ALF150 duct leakage tester comes with automatic closed loop testing as standard, allowing you to run leakage tests automatically to set duct static pressures. It’s also equipped with Bluetooth as standard for use with Bluetooth enabled thermal printers. The ALF+ boasts a temperature and humidity sensor which is calibrated to ±0.25°C / ±2%RH and thus offers improved accuracy and performance.

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The ALF150 is designed with three rapid change (push in – pull out) conical inlet nozzles designed to ISO5801:2007. The use of conical inlet nozzles makes the ALF150 a primary measuring device.

The ALF+ is the upgrade version of the ALF150. It features ambient temperature, humidity and barometric pressure sensor for real-time actual conditions measured flow rates as well as standard temperature and pressure compensated flow rates, thus affording greater accuracy. Both versions now feature a closed loop control test mode as standard, providing a fully automatic test facility for increased productivity.

Both the ALF150 and ALF+ come with a single all in one instrument making this duct leakage tester easy to use and configure through the intuitive menu driven user interface.

The instrument is equipped with Bluetooth 2.0, SD Card, and USB Output. A Flexi-Hose with pre-connected machine coupling, duct adapter and static pressure tubing is included in the carry case so that the ALF150 is ready to use from the moment it is unpacked.

There are now two models of the ALF150:

The ALF150
The ALF+

The ALF150 provides a closed loop PID control feature that allows you to run a closed loop controlled leakage test. The user can setup a test to SMACNA, Eurovent 2/2 and DW/143. They can enter the size of the duct, the test pressure, duration, class of ductwork and the ALF controller will then calculate the allowable max leakage for the test. The controller will then run the test and pressurize the ductwork to the set pressure and monitor the leakage rate. Based on the performance of the ductwork, the controller will indicate if the ductwork passed the test.

The ALF+ model offers greater accuracies with the inclusion of an ambient conditions module which will automatically measure the ambient temperature and barometric pressure for you. From these measurements, the real time air density will be calculated.

Both ALF150 models utilize the same three conical inlet nozzles designed to ISO5801:2007 and each unit is supplied with a fully calibrated instrument. The lightweight design and compact size of the unit mean that it can be lifted by one person and fit in even the smallest of hatchback boot compartments with room to spare for the accessories!

New For 2019!
Bluetooth as standard for use with Bluetooth enabled thermal printers. (Both)

Temperature and humidity sensor (replacing the K-Type thermocouple) calibrated to ±0.25°C / ±2%RH. (ALF+ Only)

Standards the ALF150 allows you to test to include:

EN12237 Ventilation For Buildings
EN1507 Ventilation For Buildings
Eurovent 2/2

Standards BS EN 1507, 12237 (DW/143, Eurovent 2/2, SMACNA)
Volume Flow Measurement 1 l/s to 150 l/s over nozzle ranges
Pressure Measurement Range ± 2500 Pa
Typical Duty Points 70 l/s at 2000Pa, 140 l/s at 500Pa
Pressure Measurement Accuracy ± 1% of reading ± 1 digit
Leakage Flow Accuracy ± 2.5% of reading ± 1 digit
Temperature Accuracy K-Type Thermocouple Temperature & Humidity Probe
±3°C ±0.25°C ±2%RH
Barometer Accuracy ±0.25hPa
Resolution 1Pa
Sensor Damping 0.5s – 8s
Bluetooth Range ~5m
Power 400W
Voltage 230Vac 50/60Hz (or 110Vac 50/60Hz available)
Unit Size 35 (W) x 46 (D) x 80 (H) cm
Unit Weight 20kg
Carry Case (c/w Accessories) Size 45 (W) x 45 (D) x 55 (H) cm

Carry Case (c/w Accessories) Weight 10.5kg
Clip on Trolley Size 38 (W) x 20 (D) x 94 (H) cm
Clip on Trolley Weight 6.7kg

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